For the a rage, the brand new Broker places his dining table and you may engages Shepard and you will Liara during the handle

For the a rage, the brand new Broker places his dining table and you may engages Shepard and you will Liara during the handle

After they eventually get to the Shade Broker’s place of work, they realize that this new Representative is basically a great yahg, a kinds that will be active outcasts in the galaxy. New Broker gloats regarding Liara’s cluelessness, but she proves or even from the deducing the new yahg’s lowly origins due to the fact the first Shade Broker’s “trophy” if not “pet”.

After an extended endeavor, within the a matched up work, Shepard distracts the Agent if you’re Liara reduces the new drinking water one to was contained in the ceiling onto the Trace Agent. The drinking water reasons the fresh Broker’s burden so you’re able to malfunction, in which he becomes deceased regarding the further rush.

Just like the group see by themselves right up, the advantage is out temporarily, making it possible for Feron to flee making some slack on the airlock. Regarding Broker’s workplace, new Shade Broker’s agents begin asking regarding disturbance on laws. Liara walks out over the mass of computer system finance companies, and you may after a few moments, reacts towards agents.

From the Shade Broker’s artificially-altered sound, Liara fabricates a narrative one to power went out temporarily after they was in fact upgrading resources. Although this is happening, Feron storms with the workplace, brandishing his gun, but reduces it as he observes what’s going on. Feron and you can Shepard inquire should this be just what Liara desires, and you will she actually is sure. Feron leaves to test the benefit options leaving Shepard and you can Liara alone.

Liara assumes the career off Shade Representative, together with minions none the new wiser, and you will claims Shepard you to she will change the firm as much as. She as well as says she can render Shepard that have much more information now because of the Broker’s extensive systems. She vows to use the brand new Broker’s information forever; to assist Shepard treat brand new Reapers.

Later, Shepard is also query Liara if she ever arranged a partnership having Feron, however, Liara assures Shepard you to definitely she and you can Feron is actually “just family members” which Shepard managed to get clear in order to Feron one she is, as the individuals say, “pulled

She and Feron stay on brand new Shadow Broker Feet boat. Liara lets Shepard depart to your guarantee that they can come back each time. Shepard may ask Liara aboard this new Normandy getting a tour of the motorboat in order to catch-up. In the event that Shepard does not want to possess Liara started up to speed brand new Normandy, she unfortunately accepts the newest refusal. Whenever walking out she concludes to take on new Commander, simply to have the Chief maybe not come back the newest look.


From inside the Shadow Broker objective, Shepard has a chance to try to confront Liara about their dating before boarding new Shade Broker’s motorboat when you are stating bitterness from Liara for making use of the new Commander to assist find the Shade Broker. Liara reacts that she can not “undo 2 yrs out-of mourning.”

After the yahg Broker’s defeat and you can Liara’s takeover off their job, Shepard questions if here’s what she wishes. Liara initiate enumerating the methods you to the woman new updates can benefit Shepard but blasts for the rips later on, unbelieving one to this lady two year quest for revenge is more than. In the event the Shepard chooses to hug Liara, Shepard reassures the lady and they lightly hug but Liara concludes small. Liara suggests they and their relationships provides altered along the one or two many years, however if Shepard disrupts her prior to she ends, the newest Leader sexually keeps her and so they kiss deeply.

” Alternatively, if Shepard opts to not make hug, she teasingly requires if Shepard was jealous and you will means that brand new Frontrunner “do something about it.” Liara misses Shepard however, she does not want to place pressure to your the fresh Frontrunner.

Shepard gets the option of merely staying family members or being with it once again. Whatever the alternatives, Shepard encourages Liara for a drink to your Normandy. Back in Shepard’s cabin into Normandy, Liara statements toward Normandy and you may says taking on Joker. If Shepard are a masculine plus a relationship which have Liara, Liara says one to Joker expected the girl so you’re able to list people components of the latest talk to your Frontrunner where her vision do that “sexy black eternity situation”. If Shepard are a female, Liara relays Joker’s need for if the several manage getting “acting out views out of a great vid titled Vaenia.”

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